Who we are

RalaTeam.com is here! An online trading platform offering you the industry’s largest stocks and competitive pricing on best-selling products.

How we trade

To provide the lowest prices and best stock levels, we trade in the following way:


  • Online trading platform only
  • Easily place your orders via our website
  • No customer service agents or account managers


  • Paperless billing
  • Better for the environment
  • Billing set-up when you register

Best stock levels
in the industry

  • Great stock holding
  • Stock replenished regularly
  • No back orders

Easy, prompt and efficient

  • Same day despatch up to 12:00 CET
  • Delivery to 25 European Countries from our new EU distribution hub
  • No minimum surcharges or handling fees

Payment at checkout

  • Payment at point of checkout 
  • Multiple payment methods available 
  • No general customer returns 


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  Huge stocks of your favourite AWDis Just Hoods products
  Competitive prices
  Discount on large orders
  Delivery to 25 European countries
  Fast online ordering

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